Mission Day 28 October 2010

Namaste everyone, not many sleeps now until mission day which is next Thursday, the 28th October. This is the 4th anniversary of when I realized I was Shakti Durga. I hope that you can come and spend a day of sacredness with us.  It seems as though there are some secrets afoot, and perhaps you already know more about the day than I do… surprises will no doubt be in store. I can guarantee that the day will be full of grace, music and Divine energy. On this day we are going to share with you an advanced manifestation technique which is called Seeding.


Advanced Manifestation Technique: Seeding

“Tithing and seedingdone with the right attitude of givingcan open your Spirit and bring you to an inner peace inside, by balancing some of the karmic blocks that have stood in your way. And if, on top of that, you get the material things, you're getting your cake and eating it, too.” John Roger, MSIA


Seeding is an advanced spiritual practice by which we give in advance of receiving the income or material things that we would like to have. This takes courage and daring, and is an example of the law of flow combined with the law of faith.


We understand that the law of flow says that we have to give before we receive, but often we wait until we have received until we give. This results in tithing.


The seeding approach is to give in advance, and as the quote above so elegantly puts it, this has the effect of destroying any karmic blocks we may have to that which we want to manifest, and enables a flow of energy (money is after all only energy) so that we can live abundantly.


We would like to open the door to seeding on festival days at the Harmony Centre. Mission day this coming Thursday 28th October is a day of great down pouring of spiritual energy, and so seeding on this day is likely to create even greater karmic grace. All proceeds of seeding on Mission day will go towards the building fit-outs at the farm in Canyonleigh, which are now to be funded from our brand new tax office approved building fund. Thus all seeding will also result in a tax deductible receipt: God bless the Tax Office!


One can seed for anything. It is not limited to a desire for material or financial gain. One can seed for the good health or wellbeing of ones family, ones Guru, for the spread of Shanti Mission and the anchoring of Peace on Earth. One can seed for spiritual knowledge, insight, greater love and so on.



The steps in seeding are:

  1. Visualize what you want, see it clearly, in detail.
  2. While you can seed for as many things as you like, at first it is good to focus on one thing so that you can hold your focus and see it working.
  3. Check your thought forms to make sure that you are not holding negative thoughts about your plans, and that you are able to hold a clear and safe place to park your brain about your objective.
  4. Decide upon the correct level of financial investment in your spiritual project, an amount that signifies to the Universe that you are serious about your desire, and give thanks before you receive whatever it is that you are seeding for.
  5. Give that amount with joy and gladness of heart, greatful for the opportunity to give and for the tremendous flow of abundance that we are able to access.
  6. Surrender the result. Attachment causes delay. Be prepared to flow in a way that allows what you desire to come to you in the optimal form, usually far better than you could ever imagine.


I look forward to seeing you on Mission Day. 


Mission Retreat: Gratitude

The retreat that follows from Friday 29th to Sunday 31 October here in Cooranbong will be a gratitude retreat, combined with various prayers and blessings for abundance of all kinds.

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