About Us

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Shanti Mission Harmony Centres offer a range of training and educational programs, events and seminars, mostly by donation. We also offer a form of energetic healing to the public, called Ignite Your Spirit. 


Our programs and services are offered at centres, ashrams and also in community/public halls and other locations throughout Australia and around the world. We also offer online training and healing. We invite you to visit or experience one of our programs for a day, a week, a year or longer. Our sole aim is to help you become a more empowered person, awaken to your higher purpose and create more peace in your life. This is why most of our services and programs are offered by donation. We want to ensure the Harmony Centres are accessible to everyone, no matter what life experience they are currently having.


Who Comes?

Shanti Mission is a philosophy of peace which rests upon the following 8 pillars. These pillars are practiced in all we do and are at the core of all that we offer.

Shanti Mission Harmony Centres

The Harmony Centre’s seminars, meditation classes and community healing clinic are funded by donation or what we like to call ‘heartfelt contribution’ toward the costs.

What is Friends of the Harmony Centres?

Friends of the Harmony Centres is an initiative designed to enable the work of Shakti Durga and Shanti Mission Harmony Centres in the world. It entails the regular giving of financial support, not for attendance at seminars or satsangs but as a selfless act of generosity and to support the growth of others. It is open to anyone who appreciates the value that the training programs, seminars, meditations, IYS therapy and Shanti Mission brings to individual lives and the flow on effects to family and community. People who come through these programs become empowered in their lives and are igniting their spirits.

Building Projects

Shanti Mission Harmony Centres are growing rapidly. We have more people wanting the education that we provide than we can accommodate. This is the reason for the establishment of our building fund. Our first project was to upgrade some buildings at our Canyonleigh facility for use as school buildings. This is almost complete. Our next project is to build or aquire facilities in Newcastle, which will be the new location of our head office.

Please Note: The Shanti Mission Harmony Centre Website will be changing over the coming weeks to improve the functionality and information we provide.